What is your approach when it comes to design your app?


Hire designer

Buy ready to use template

Other (share in the comments)

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Hey, devs!

Today I want to share this with you. As a developer, I always struggle with design things. I saw only two options:

  1. Bootstrap wich is noice but not unique;
  2. Hire a designer to make the things done but not cheap;

But! This time I found the way between those two and bought a ready to use a template from ThemeForest. It saved me tons of hours and costs less than $20.

What about you? What is your approach?

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Traditionally I'd look to purchase Bootstrap-based templates, but since getting into TailwindCSS I'm now more inclined to design my own templates using custom components and Tailwind UI components.

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For longterm project

  • Dribbble and Behance to have some ideas of design
  • Then build it up from scratch

For Short term or throw away projects

  • Use already available frameworks like Bootstrap, Tailwind, Foundation etc
  • The default theme with basic design is enough
  • If there is chance of converting it to longterm, think about bringing above steps

And for commercial project with proven use case, its better to hire a designer