What is your opinion on IBM acquiring Red Hat?

IBM is acquiring Red Hat. Read the news here: zdnet.com/article/red-hat-cto-chris-wright-..

What are your thoughts in general? Good or bad?

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Last year, Github acquired by the Microsoft and most of the people believed that Github will vanished soon. But, in last couple of months we saw that there are significant amount of changes were introduced in Github and everything was good. We will hope same here !

Too early to tell with MS acquisition of Github. I'd expect them to push VSCode via Github soon and then what else, Teams, .NET etc.?

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  • Oracle => Java (Pain in the *#& for developers to migrate to Open JDK, Challenge Accepted and Done!💪💪💪).
  • MS => GitHub (Yet to feel the Pain. There is always a suspicion of feeling it someday, Let's See! 😬😬😬).
  • IBM => RedHat (May be a Pain for IBM than to me at this point!😆😆😆).

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