Which keyboard and mouse do you use?

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Great question Todd!

I use Redragon Manyu k579 RGB keyboard and Cooler Master Mastermouse S.




I've chosen this one because I wanted a spill-proof mechanical keyboard that was not too pricey (under 100$ on Amazon as far as I know).


I'm absolutely in love with the clicky sound it produces, but to be very honest, it's one of those loud keyboards I would mind if I were working in an office. (Remote work ftw 🚀)

The caps can be compared to CherryMX blues, but some cheaper Chinese version of it.


I haven't done specific tests but can confirm that I've been making wayy fewer typos on it when compared to my previous one.


It's as shiny as it looks. I do prefer shiny things so... 😎


I'm not a professional commenter in this field, but I can say that even though I type a lot at work, I haven't had any "strain" moments. I do have tiny hands, so those ones with palm rest actually make my typing experience worse.

Build quality

This is one of those gaming keyboards that can take quite a lot of beating and is very heavy. After ~1 year of use, you can see that some of the caps got a bit shiny, but ... I think that's fairly normal.


I got it as a parting gift from my previous coworkers. It's on the small side, which works great with my small hands 😁 Gaming mouses tend to be a bit on the big side for me, but this one is 👌

The one thing I did is to open it up and remove the weight they've added for ... some reason. I know that this move made it lighter and easier to move around.


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