Which keyboard and mouse do you use?

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I'm no big fan of a lot of light and LEDs on my equipment or flashy things for that matter. However I'm a big fan of flat keys, I think they are called scissor keys? Most likely mainly to the reason that I always use laptops and no desktops. For my MacBook it's an obvious choice that I have a Magic Mouse and Magic Keyboard - I love that keyboard! Small and still very good.

For my DELL I use my Logitech MX 2 - which I actually love a lot more than my Magic Mouse. With it I have a Surface Keyboard. I bought an expensive Logitech at first, but the keys were rounded and that was such a horrible experience to me, that I only used it for 2 days before I spent another $100 on my Surface which I like a lot more.

The down parts of the Surface keyboard is that I think the [Delete] button should have a little more distance to the left part ([Enter]) to make it easier to feel where the buttons are. Also I often hit the wrong shortcut when making [ and ] but I think this is mainly due to the fact that I switch a lot between Mac and Windows keyboards.

I also own an mStand for each of my 2 laptops and I think that's a huge plus for my ergonomic comfort:


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