I use nano because of its simplicity. I find vim confusing and hard to use. What do you guys use?









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vim, because I am used to it. Once you get used to they keys, it's tough to wean yourself away. The biggest thing about vim is that you don't have to take your hands off the main key set. Even for navigation, I don't need to reach for the arrow keys.

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Started using Vim and couldn't stop. There are just so many useful plugins out there. I switched over from Sublime Text and now I can't go back.

Vim because I can use it locally on almost on any server that I need to connect to.

VIM because it's masterfully handy, once i tried to shift to emacs, result is same but still vim seems familiar to me. Then i still go with VIM

Vim, cos I don't know how to exit from Nano.

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