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Write Everyday No Matter What

Write Everyday No Matter What

Sharpen the saw or you lose it...

Lloyd Lobo
·Jan 30, 2022·

2 min read

Last Update: on February 12th, 2022 at 9 PM.
📌 Update: I'm now writing every day in the Daily Microblog — 2022-02-02

Writers, developers, and active readers of the web. Those who are willing to start a daily writing practice.

Writing every day is now like a detox ritual for me. It provides the opportunity to dump whatever is floating in "the" mind.

I say "the" mind and not "my" mind, because if I had control over it—it would listen to me and calm down.

You start to become aware of everything you are holding onto. Isn't that wonderful?

⚠️  DISCLAIMER: Please don't hesitate to leave a quick little comment if you disagree or when you see any mistakes.

I welcome your unique ideas or suggestions to help make this article remarkably the best it can be. I'll be really happy and grateful to discuss and quickly update this article as a living document.

Setting Principles

Before starting this journey, it's essential to set some ground rules. Yes, rules are meant to be broken. Yet some principles do help to guide you onto the right path.

I like the quote: "Be aware of the trajectory and not the instant results". I may have paraphrased it a little bit.

How to Avoid Perfectionism?

Writing doesn't have to be perfect. Good enough is good enough.

Reduce the need for perfection to 70% and add 10% in the final edits.

Following Pareto's principle of 80/20 seems to be a great way to structure anything you are doing.


So, writing something every day, regardless of who reads it or what they think about it, is a way to humility.

You can always come back and edit it, refine it.

P.S. 🤫 Psst! Regardless of whether this article inspired you, you are AWESOME!