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Dev Must-reads on Hashnode: Week #3

Dev Must-reads on Hashnode: Week #3

Syed Fazle Rahman's photo
Syed Fazle Rahman
ยทApr 9, 2020

It has been a busy week at Hashnode. We are tired and exhausted and at the same time excited too. We are organising #LockdownConf along with our friends at freeCodeCamp. It's a free online developer conference to help you prepare for a post-pandemic world.

I write a weekly article summarising the best of posts on Hashnode every Thursday. It's my way to thank all the contributors who helped Hashnode grow in the past week.

Top Discussions of the week ๐Ÿ’ฌ

Which language/framework would you use to develop a REST API?

How do you develop a REST API? Which programming language are you comfortable using? Share your development process here.

Tell Me The Question You HATED The Most During a Job Interview

There's always that question which turns you off during an interview process, and you decide not to take it forward with a particular employer. Which question is that? Write it down in this thread.

What are your thoughts on GitLab vs Github?

Github or Gitlab? What is the one feature that you love about the platform you are using? Why do you use your current platform instead of the other?

What are some of the best work from home tips for developers?

As most of us are working remotely today, what are some of the best tips and advice you have for developers who are experiencing this change for the first time?

Top stories of the week ๐ŸŒ…

5 tips to work from home productively

New to "work from home" environment? Here are some great tips by Geshan Manandhar.



Did you know "masonry layout" can be easily achieved using CSS grid? Learn how grid work in CSS in this well explained tutorial by Fele Omolola.

CSS Position Relative vs Position Absolute

CSS Position Relative vs Position Absolute

Positioning is one of the most fundamental concepts in CSS. You cannot become an expert web designer without understanding the difference between relative, absolute, fixed and static positions. Nesha Zoric explains all of them in this article.

I GOT THE JOB: 3 Tips On How You Can Get Your Dream Job

3 Tips On How You Can Get Your Dream Job

Congrats, Domenico Solazzo for successfully landing a new job and thanks for sharing the tips with the community. I am sure many community members would find them useful. We are looking forward to hearing more stories from your new job.

Interview with Tomomi Imura, She Inspires

Tomomi Imura

Every week we make sure to interview an amazing woman from the dev community and share their incredible story with all. This week Tomomi Imura shared her experiences in this interview.

Understanding fetch() 2 - Building A Random Quote Generator App

Learn how to build an app that displays random quotes every 10 seconds. Asaolu Elijah explains the concept using Quotable's API.

AMAs from the past week

I'm Quincy Larson, the teacher who founded freeCodeCamp. Ask me Anything!

Next.js Team AMA, Ask us Anything!

Interesting discussions that need your participation

That's all for this week's summary. Have a great week ahead and stay safe. โœŒ๏ธ