How do you test your HTML emails?

Responses from my last question really helped me in making a nice newsletter.. but though the mail looked nice, upon testing I found out that it was not showing up correctly in outlook 13.

How do you test your emails and make sure they look same on all clients?

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Start with a table like this and see if you can actually use the elements:

From experience, table layouts with inline styles (yuck!) seems to be the only thing that works well across all email clients. I don't know if it has improved over the last couple of years.

To answer your question, if you want to test it across all email clients, you'll just need to physically test it across all email clients you have access to and judge if it looks ok or not.

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Don't trust rendered views from services. I've seen many differences between rendered output and real life views. Send tests directly to real life clients. The sales guy with Outlook 13, the dev with Protonmail, your own Apple Mail. Make accounts at Gmail,, Yahoo mail, etc. Test as many as you can.

Furthermore I recommend installing VirtualBox on a dedicated machine with several linux and windows images (try Next to having many browsers available you can install many email clients.