We are the devs from Team Netlify, Ask us anything!

Started on June 6, 2019 6:00 PM

Hey there, we're the team from Netlify and we're hosting an AMA!

We'll be answering your questions live from June 6, 2 PM EST onwards. We're so excited to chat with you!

Topics we'll cover include:

  • Netlify
  • JAMstack
  • Developer Experience
  • Static sites
  • Vue
  • React
  • General Career Questions

Shoot us your questions below! 👇



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What was your first idea for Netlify? So what you write as a "salad of thoughts" on a whiteboard :D

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From the founders:

Matt was building a traditional CMS on the legacy stack, and saw how the world of Frontend started to change dramatically. He talked about it with Chris and they saw that it opened a door for a new way of building for the web where they might decouple frontend and backend, building and hosting.

Matt and Chris both saw that on one hand, the legacy monolithic webapps had not only become redundant to an emerging API economy, but also increasingly insecure, and problems of scaling and performance and compatibility with modern (gitbased) workflows were becoming ever present.

So they started to brainstorm a solution: That to decouple frontend and backend, building and hosting, they actually had all the building blocks they needed:

  • Git had introduced new standards of collaboration and version control, JS frameworks, build tools, mature javascript,
  • Browsers that had gone from being document viewers to full fledged operation systems, the capabilities of API and a movement around serverless.

However there was no viable workflows - no proper glue to tie it together, and the current infrastructure and deployment tools were all architected to support a legacy web, not a decoupled one.

They thought that if they built a platform on customized infrastructure and deployment tools and the like, then you could make that decoupled web a reality. Which would be better in every way: faster, safer, more scalable, more compatible with modern workflows. That all this could help enable web developers do so much more.

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Hey guys! Few questions

How do you try and bring delight to the platform with design, UX, content etc?

Sarah Drasner are you going to bring any fancy SVG animation goodness to Netlify?

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The never ending blog restyling is a sure way to lose sleep :-)

Thanks Phil

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Thanks for doing this AMA and for everything you all do at Netlify! I love the service!

When it comes to setting up a JAMStack site, what is the best way to handle authentication with services that require API keys or some form of authentication? We obviously don't want them just hanging out in the front end willy nilly, and I've heard of having a possible serverless function or service that handles all API related calls, but I could see that possibly being abused.

I've found it hard to find a good answer for this, which could totally be improper wording.

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Thanks again both of you for your awesome work and for some great resources!

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What do you think about the future of NodeJS for building very large apps? ✨✨✨

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Hi Sarah!

I'm curious to know what your role as the Head of Developer Experience at Netlify entails and how the role fits into your big picture.

Also being a very enthusiastic JAMstack user what will you say is the next big thing in the JAMstack space and how does one keep up with the latest news about JAMstack activities.

Hi Gift! ❤️

My role is wonderful- I lead a group of awesome engineers that I'm grateful to be working with every day. I develop strategies to keep a good eye on developer experience from start to finish, including going through each possible way that our product might be used and filing PRs to fix rough edges. My team speaks at conferences, develops posts and OSS repos, but members of my team also work on product engineering for part of the year. There are about 100 other things we do- I try to make sure they are all aligned with overall strategy of the company :)

How does this fit into my overall big picture? I kind of feel like every job I have has taken me a little closer to where I want to be, and this job feels like it's the most "me". I work on a product I love, surrounded by people I admire and would like to learn from, I feel trusted and supported. I'm also really happy because the management side of helping people grow their careers really interests me as well. I get a nice synthesis of keeping an eye on developer experience, which I love, managing, and also engineering work. It's a great fit.

For JAMstack in particular- I know you're already heading up one of the biggest JAMstack groups in the world (congratulations!!!). There are some big things coming for JAMstack.org that should help you keep up with news etc, so I'd say keep an eye on that space. Another is if you can't go to JAMstack conf, the videos that are released after should be pretty great- there are some good speakers at that event. I'm excited to meet Jake Archibald in person!


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